Chef Kapoor lands at Kolkata with a bag full of yellow chillis

In an era when television stronghold was gripping in our society and social media was still an alien, a cult cookery cookery show Khana Khazana was gradually taking over in our life. The master chef himself Sajeev Kapoor bringing all his recipes from his cook book closer to us through high quality family dining experience. At The Yellow Chilli, Kolkata enjoy the quintessential dishes having ingredients of exclusivity and simplicity served live from his kitchen. The PanchPhoron team was invited to try their new menu specially crafted for this city.

The ambiance got murals on the wall highlighting the famous landmarks of the city. Warm hanging lights from ceiling adds a class to it. To settle nothings beats than some classic concoctions but with desi twist. Peru Pyala is a fresh guava juice mixed with lime juice and hint of lemon. The mix gets a pinch of red chilli power to spike the taste.

Peru Pyala

Cardamon Whiskey Sour is from the finest blend of whiskey mixed with freshly squeezed lime juice and egg white to get a velvety finish. The west meets east when finishing was done by introducing cinnamon to it. Twisted is multilayered mocktail of orange, lemon, apple and cranberry juice.

Cinnamon Whiskey Sour


In chaat section, one must try the Goli Dahi Wada Shot. The popular north Indian snack when goes through the Chef Kapoor’s kitchen and gets a new makeover. Small balls of tender soaked wada topped with dahi, chutney and other accompaniments served in a shot glass. Rule is to gulp it in a single shot.

Goli Dahi Wada Shot


In starters, I was biased to try the Cheese Chilli Chicken Tikka. These cheese layered chicken kebab gets the twist of green chilli. The spice mixed and pre-marinated thigh chicken pieces sewer inside tandoor (clay oven) and finished baking with melted cheddar cheese on the top.

Since our childhood, we always drool over spicy black gram chips. Popularly known as chanajor garam. The same chips in crushed form coated on cheese potato patty and we get Chanajor Garam Tikki. The crispy shell outside and gooey patty inside is another great addition to the list.

Not a ardent seafood lover but prawns skewered inside tandoor is what I love the most. When these prawns get coated with fiery peri peri sauce results into smoky, spicy and juicy Prawn Peri Peri.

Cheese Chilli Chicken Tikka


Chanajor Garam Tikki
Prawn Peri Peri


To make some carnivore in your life very happy then I will strongly suggest Tawa Chaap. The lamb chops are slow cooked inside tandoor quickly fried on tawa before serving.

In case you love Cuban cigar then quit it for sake of your health, instead fall in love with cigar rolls prepared inside the master chef’s kitchen. Palak Cheese Karara Roll is the spinach And mozzarella roll. These cheesily delicious crispy spring rolls are complexly irresistible. The plating of this stole my heart. One of the best creations of the brand.

Tawa Chaap
Palak Cheese Karara Roll


In mains, one shall never miss to Nalli Rogan Josh, packed with the delicious flavours of mutton on the bone, spices and yogurt. This curry comes with a quintessential layer of oil floating on top and has a rich red colour because of the original natural food colouring Ratan Jot. The lamb shanks are slow cooked in thick and luscious gravy which helps the mutton pieces to become more tender and juicy. The result will be juicy meat, falling off the bones. Pure bliss!

The first dish master chef ever cooked in his cookery show was Shaam Savera. This vegetarian delicacy is cottage cheese stuffed kofta coated with spinach and dunked in tomato based yellow gravy. This signature dish may also invoke your patriotic side with its tricolour sandwich.

Lalla Mussa Dal is black lentils dal served in Ludhiana style. This is creamy, luscious extravaganza was so delicious that I got addicted to it. Must try with garic naan before you die.

Nalli Rogan Josh


Shaam Savera
Lalla Mussa Dal


Dum Gosht Biryani is the city’s favorite staple food slow cooked inside sealed clay pot. The biryani does not have that Lucknowi taste but lean towards its Hyderabadi peer. Surprisingly, I like this amalgamation of both the worlds.

Sarson Ka Saag is a popular vegetarian dish from the Northern frontier of the Indian subcontinent. This white butter laden delicacy is an authentic Punjabi delight. The rich taste and creamy amalgamation of leafy veggies and spices cooked to perfection, makes this dish a salivating delight. Along with a steaming hot makki (maize flour) roti and a dollop of butter or ghee dish is a yummy and lip smacking treat in winters.

Dum Gosht Biryani
Sarson Ka Saag

Such food fest cannot be over without desserts. We all had gulab jamun so many times in our life but how many times you had these sweet balls stuffed with gulkand and topped with dried rose petals. Ladies and gentleman we here by present to you Gulab-e-Gulkand.



Shahi Tukda


Shahi Tukda is a royal dessert straight from the culinary utopia of Hyderabad. Made by deep frying the bread, soaking it in sugar syrup and then drizzling it with thick luscious rabdi (condensed milk), this Hyderabadi delight often served to draw curtain after lavish meal like this.

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