Best street food kebab of New Town Kolkata

Beef Kebab, Sabir Muslim Hotel - Street Food New Town Kolkata

Street food in New Town is almost non-existent. Before Covid, there were dedicated street food stalls were near and around the office area. After two years, the stalls are gradually opening up. Also, a few new names are adding up to the list.

About & Location

Sabir Muslim Hotel in New Town is a small roadside eatery quite popular street food option with local labours and workers. The hut is next to the Uniworld housing complex on the main road. Still, the passerby overlooks the shack as high-speed cars ply that route. During the evening, the aroma of kebabs is the traffic stopper in the area.

The eatery folks became cautious about cameras and unused to social media attention. But a little chit-chat opened them up and gave me access to their kitchen.

Beef Kebab

They grill decent beef kebabs over a flat-laid charcoal bed – an extreme rustic setup. Enjoy these seekh kebabs with some salad, or roll inside laccha paratha. A little inconsistent in grilling as some of the meat pieces were chewy.

Beef Tawa Fry & Laccha Paratha

The outside counter prepares laccha paratha and fries them on tawa for a crispy golden brown texture. The parathas are thick. One was enough for me.

On special request, they toss the grilled kebab fried inside tawa with thick meat gravy, sliced onions, ginger, tomatoes, and coriander. Finally, wipe the plate clean with paratha. I prefer the kebab tawa fry over the seekh kebab.

For health-conscious and the outlet may be unsuitable. The street food setup is basic, with lesser attention to cleanliness. Also, the cooking medium for fry items is only dalda. However, occasional kebab and tandoori roti won’t be very bad.

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