A cafe optically misleads one to believe that the world is flat

WOKIES two dimensional cafe. India's first two-dimensional cafe.

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Have you heard of two-dimensional architecture? The concept is to blend reality and illusion seamlessly—with white interiors creating a stark contrast with natural elements outlined in black. The idea went viral in South Korea, Japan, Russia, Abu Dhabi, and Malaysia. WOKIES at Kolkata brings us India’s first two-dimensional monochromatic cafe.


The interior gives customers the impression that they’ve stepped into a pen-drawn cartoon. The monochrome space features walls, doors, windows, chairs, tables, furniture; virtually everything inside is white with edges overlaid with uneven black lines that resemble sketch lines.

Starters and Dimsums

Luckily, the food on the menu is anything but two-dimensional. Winn’s Magic Portion is a protein galore of water poached egg custard prepared with four eggs. Rested on a bed of fresh shrimp and topped with chopped chicken. One of the loved comfort food to start with, but for spicy food lovers, must try with freshly crushed black pepper.

Spider Chicken is a unique chicken preparation where juicy chicken is wrapped with crispy fried egg noodles—served with a topping of tomato and chili salsa and chopped scallion. A must try!

In dimsums, dig into Hargao. Stuffed with finely chopped shrimp dumpling and wrapped with a translucent wrapper. It is a bite-size delicacy originated from Guangzhou in China, much like sushi. I would prefer to have chili oil as an accompaniment.


Stir Fried Noodles with Whole Chicken is a whole chargrilled chicken with its skin. Due to the skin retained its moisture and flavor. Folks who are diet conscious can gorge on this wholesome preparation with stir-fried flat noodles. I would again look at some spicier variant of the dish.

Pork Bibimbap is a Korean dish that translates to mixed rice (bibim=mixed and bap=rice). Fresh vegetables like spinach, carrots with medium-done roasted pork, and mushrooms on a bed of rice. Delicately placed poached egg on the top with a dash of crunchy sesame seeds adds a different flavor level. The pork was chewy; I would have preferred the pork well-done.

Desserts and Coffee

Amp up your chocolate fix with Hot Chocolate Rolls. These dark chocolate rolls stuffed in white sheets – rolled, goldenly fried, and served with vanilla ice cream. Post finishing my meal, I have a habit of washing it down with hot coffee.

Here I got an opportunity to sip into Turkish Coffee. Instead, the taste of coffee, experience on how to relish. Drink into the black coffee concoction and then take a sip of chilled water. Bite into Turkish Delight for the need for sweetness. Do not expect crema on the top like Arabica espresso or aftertaste of the freshly roasted coffee. 


The cafe is a must-visit for decor-loving Instagram-ers. The concept can go to the next level by introducing flatline-drawn dishes, mugs, cutlery and even hanging lights. Suggest adding more vivid looking shakes and sundaes to contrast the monochrome ambiance.

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