The most happening street in the a feast for your eyes

We, Indians though travel round the world but our attachment and fascination towards Indian cuisine is like cohesive bonding. Mughali tops the chart among the various Indian cuisines and keeping this trend in mind we find so many outlets opening up to serve the connoisseurs. The question is how many actually touches our heart. The Feast Street brings to us the authentic Mughali cuisines, one can imagine to find only inside alleys of old Delhi. Few bloggers from PanchPhoron were invited to sample few of their famous creations at their Lake Gardens outlet.

Though its a small dine-in restaurant but on the wall one will find interesting murals depicting the life or characters one can image at the street side. Without further due we moved towards the starters of the evening Gosht Reshmi Kebab, Bharwan Tangri and Pomfret Tandoor. Gosht Reshmi Kebab is a marinated minced mutton kebab mixed with right blend of spice and optimum cooking inside tandoor makes it just melt inside your mouth. Bharwan Tangri is tandoori dumsticks stuffed with coarsely grounded chicken seared inside clay oven. Pomfret Tandoor is the fresh catch baby pomfret goes through round of marination before seared inside clay oven. Such a delicate fish still the flavors and taste been retained. On the first bite will take your imagination straight to the beaches of Goa. One common thing, these are kebabs with a twist. They are served on a cast iron skillet as sizzlers to give that fusion of best from the both worlds.

Gosht Reshmi Kebab
Bharwan Tangri
Pomfret Tandoor

Moving towards main course, we were introduced with Butter Murgh Delhi Style and Afghani Murgh Gravy. Butter Murgh Delhi Style is actually the replica of original butter chicken how it should be but not the overpower version of malai based gravy we find in other restaurants. Here it is tomato based red mild tangy gravy with right proportion of butter and malai makes this lip smacking. On the best Butter Murgh one can find at Kolkata. While, Afghani Murgh Gravy is a cashew based white gravy tastes so different. Cashew nuts add a delicious richness to this delectable chicken curry makes this the specialty dish of the house. Both of these gravies goes so well with garlic infused soft Lasooni Naan.

Butter Murgh Delhi Style
Afghani Murgh Gravy
Lasooni Naan

However the actual dish which stopped the time for us was the Gosht Deg Biryani. The long grain rice dish doesn’t need any introduction. The wow factor here is how light and non-greasy the biryani is, in spite of being rich in flavors. The clear reason what makes biryani stand out from the crowd is because of how soft and succulent the mutton can be in the biryani.

Gosht Deg Biryani

Mughali cuisine is not only about biryani or gravies or kebabs but also there are few desserts which rules our heart. Couple of the examples are Shahi Tukda and Firni. Shahi Tukra, a popular special sweet where bread pieces are deep fried in ghee until crispy and then drenched in condensed milk to top-up with creamy rabri. Is a royal treat to taste buds at anytime when served chilled. Firni, made with coarsely ground rice flavored with lots of saffron, cardamom and rose and adorned with a lot of nuts and dry fruits. The uniqueness of firni here is, the soft texture of this pudding where one don’t have try hard to scoop out with a spoon but with a gentle stroke.

Shahi Tukda

Though, being a though nut to crack to get full marks when comes to my food critics role but The Feast Street left me awestruck with their exquisite creations without giving me any option for criticism but made me their blind lover. To make the experience pocket friendly, then have option for half and full portions of a dish which can further be customized to boneless or with bone too. They are at present operating from Lake Gardens and Hindustan Park. Opening their only delivery counter soon at Rajarhat to cater foodies from Salt Lake, Rajarhat and New Town area. Burp!!

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