Modern take on traditional dhaba concept

Rang De Basanti Dhaba is a modern take on traditional road side dhaba. The concept of rustic ambiance with authentic Punjabi food yet a youthful exuberance in their presentation, drags our attention. Iron table over brick flooring with hanging kettle lamp shades, cast iron plates and bowls highlight the freedom of an artistic mind. The iconic life-size tractor is still there to welcome the bloggers from PanchPhoron.

Lets move towards the main performers of the evening but before that we were made relaxed with coolers like sweet n’ spicy Soda Shikanji, minty n’ tangy Nimbu Pudina Sharbat and  zing n’ peppy Rang De Cola.

From the long list of appetizers, few selected made to our table. Dahi Ke Kebab is a patty deep fried for getting that crispiness while mixture of hung curd mixed with grated cottage cheese and spices retained its softness at inside. Afghani Murgh is an exotic chicken dish marinated in rich cashew paste and cream to grilled perfectly inside tandoor to make it delicately soft. With each bite it melts inside your mouth and increases urge to eat more. Tawa Wali Macchi is pan fried fish fillet dipped in creamy mixture of rice flour, eggs, cornflour and spices which was shallow fried for the crispiness. Its a Punjabi take on Bengali’s fish fry. As steam erupts on your face with each bite gives ultimate satisfaction to one’s heart. Chicken Hariyali Tikka is a legendary dish where boneless chicken chunks perfectly coated with mint and coriander paste and are grilled in tandoor. The mint and coriander paste give it a beautiful greenish color and the flavor is out of this world.

Dahi Ke Kebab
Afghani Murgh
Tawa Wali Macchi
Chicken Hariyali Tikka

In the main course, we experienced some sinfully delicious cuisines. Dilli Ka Paneer Makhani has soft and mellow paneer cubes cooked in flavorful gravy of tomato, cashew nuts, milk cream and butter makes it irresistibly delicious. Dal Butter Tadka is an iconic place due to its distinct taste and aroma. Nothing beats the simplicity and appeal of Dal Butter Tadka, generously garnished with tempering of garlic, dried chili, cumin seeds and topped with generous dollop of butter.

Dilli Ka Paneer Makhani
Dal Butter Tadka

Dilli Ka Butter Chicken takes us back to the old and narrow allays of Old Delhi for that authentic tangy tomato based creamy gravy. Chicken Bharta  in which the chicken pieces are almost mashed and it is quite rich with eggs and spices to bring that delectable flavor. Rarra Gosht Pudina has mutton steeped in gravy of spicy mince, soaked with rare spices, is every bit regal in taste. Kolkata Mutton Biryani doesn’t it need any sort of an introduction?

Dilli Ka Butter Chicken
Chicken Bharta
Rarra Gosht Pudina
Kolkata Mutton Biryani

Punjabi cuisine is not only about biryani or gravies or kebabs but also there are few desserts which rules our heart. Couple of the examples are Shahi Tukda and  Moong Dal Ka Halwa. Shahi Tukda, a popular special sweet where bread pieces are deep fried in ghee until crispy and then drenched in condensed milk to top-up with creamy rabri. Is a royal treat to taste buds at anytime when served chilled. Moong Dal Ka Halwa is a very subtle dish in which moong dal is sautéed in ghee on low heat till it goes fragrant and a beautiful golden brown in colour. The fruit of this laborious process is a sweet, rich and creamy halwa.

Shahi Tukda
Moong Dal Ka Halwa

One can also try Lauki Kofta Curry, Bhuna Mutton, Punjabi Machhi Curry and Katahal Masala from there new set of menu for Poila Boisakh.

One of the youthful Punjabi-style dhabas has opened a new outlet on Ballygunge Circular Road. the strategic location of the outlet also makes it a post-partying pit stop. They also do  have late home delivery to take care of those midnight hunger pangs.

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