Oh mama! it’s a bowl of goodness

First thing I asked to the restaurant manager is what Mamagoto means. What I understood this means “to play with food”. True to its name, Mamagoto is a fusion Pan Asian cafe with a relaxed and casual atmosphere where Asian cuisine & drinks combine with quirky decor. It was an honor for few bloggers from PanchPhoron who were invited to try their latest range of creative bowls.

But to start first, we were surprised with some mind boggling non-alcoholic concoctions, just perfect way to beat the summer heat. Watermelon Beach is fresh watermelon juice mixed with mint and lime to provide a classic summer cooler. Passion Fruit Orange Cooler is pulpy passion fruit mixed with citrus flavors. Kiwi Mint Collin is freshly muddled kiwi with mint sprigs and lime slices, topped with soda served in pre-chilled collin glass. Blueberry Cooler is a blend of fresh berries blended with lime and topped with soda. Virgin Mojito needs no introduction. Cranberry Kaffir Lime is a punch of kaffir lime leaves mixed with lime wedges and a dash of cranberry juice. Lemon Zest Mint Lemonade is blended zest of lemons with fresh mint and topped up with lime soda. Blueberry Pop Rock is compressed ice balls (or we call it gola) dipped in fresh berry juice. Apart from one or two I don’t recall to find these mixes anywhere else.

(L to R) Watermelon Beach, Passion Fruit Orange Cooler and Kiwi Mint Collin
(L to R) Blueberry Cooler, Virgin Mojito and Cranberry Kaffir Lime
(L to R) Lemon Zest Mint Lemonade and Blueberry Pop Rock

After salivating to death due to aromas from the semi-open kitchen, we were introduced to the bowls of Mamagoto. Each bowl itself a complete platter to gobble up. Aromatic Rice Meal Tofu served with jasmine rice and tofu cooked in a secret aromatic chili sauce. This also with option of basa fish. Eight Treasure Bowl Lamb is prepared with eight vegetables and shredded lamb to make that spicy gravy served with fried rice. Medium Hot Mushroom is udon noodles based with assorted mushroom gravy. Hot China Action has sticky fried rice served with slow cooked chicken infused with schezuan chili oil. In Da (Canton) House Pork is a subtle dish of slow roasted pork served Cantonese style gravy udon noodles. Unbelievabao Duck is stuffed with crispy duck and secret sauce, tasted heaven.

Aromatic Rice Meal Tofu
Eight Treasure Bowl Lamb
Medium Hot Mushroom
Hot China Action
In Da (Canton) House Pork
Unbelievabao Duck
Aromatic Rice Meal Fish

Uniqueness for Mamagoto, not only lies in its name or menu but also the decor looks edgy and vibrant with its retro black and white tiles and the quirky Asian graphics and motifs make the space. Behind those walls inside their secret kitchen they deconstruct and reconstruct various Asian street food. There is so much freshness in their presentation and the ingredients. It’s a bowlful of goodness with its motto of offering a fun Pan Asian gastronomical experience.

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