Author: Souvik Bhattacharya

A delivery manager by profession for a multinational software house loves gastronomical experience. Best way to enjoy various flavors of life is through stomach.
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Hyderabad’s Paradise Biryani takes on Awadhi fortress

The eternal debate about the supremacy of Kolkata and Hyderabadi biryani became unrestrained with the introduction of Paradise Biryani in Kolkata.

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Walk down the streets of Italy without a visa

Italian cuisines are popular in India due to the recent trend of globalization, thanks to few international brands. But the authenticity of the rustic flavors one can expect in the streets of Naples or Florence is not that common in the generic pizza joints of the city. In Kolkata, there are only a couple of pizzerias who retains the core value of Italian cuisine, and Fabbrica is one such option.