Oudh 1590 Biryani – Gives Royal Touch in a Family lunch date


A weekend meal is a key for family bonding, and if the home minister’s mood is off, then the only way to impress her back is by provoking her gluttony. We have graciously agreed to disagree on many things for so many years, but it clicks between us when it comes to relishing Mughlai cuisine. With a flick of a finger in the delivery app, Oudh 1590 biryani flashed on the mobile screen. Our eyes lit up, and we decided on the menu and bang in an instant. The parcel arrives, and our nest fills with the subtle aroma of intoxicating biryani and kebabs.

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Galawati Kabab | Galouti Kabab | Gosht Galouti Kabab - Oudh 1590, Kolkata

In starter, we had Galawati or Galouti Kabab. The delicate kebabs are a mix of juicy minced mutton, finely blended with a bouquet of herbs and spices, and griddle with desi ghee. Enjoy the kebabs with Lucknowi Paratha or Ulta Tawa Paratha. Paper-thin and slightly sweet paratha compliments the play of spices and smoothness of the kababs. Undoubtedly, one of the best Gosht Galawati Kabab in Kolkata.

Main Course

Next in the line is Oudh 1590 biryani, a neatly packed huge handi with a gentle biryani aroma seeping through it. Impatiently unpacked the clay plot, and voila, a huge raan (hind leg of a goat) was peeping towards us.

Raan Biryani - Oudh 1590, Kolkata

A perfect Raan Biryani challenge is to take the stiffest meat in the goat, so tender and succulent. Dum pukht technique was evident from the perfectly moist and tender mutton pieces falling off the bone. A running fork through various layers reveals perfectly cooked huge raan chunks laid on saffron-tinged rice. The alluring aroma of saffron and subtle spices that hit our nostrils was enough to increase our appetite. It blends with the rustic smell of the earthen pot, aha moment! Unfortunately, I cannot claim that the rice grains are the long and best quality. 


Murgh Irani - Oudh 1590, Kolkata

On the sides, we wanted to explore Murgh Irani. The characteristic of the preparation is its rich and creamy finish. Spices are not complex but are majorly limited to ginger, cardamom, and screw-pine only. The texture of the gravy is from yogurt and fresh cream. However, the dish was too sweet to my liking. The tanginess from yogurt and lime juice was not evident.


Shahi Tukra | Shahi Tukda - Oudh 1590, Kolkata

A sweet dish was a must to finish it off. Shahi Tukra is the eternal royal dessert to end the experience on a sweet note. However, the dish falls flat on its face. The bread was mushy, and the water content in radbi was a little more to spoil the consistency. A distinct cardamom flavour could not save the dish. The non-existence of expected dry fruits kills the provision of crunchy texture. In one line – nafasat (finesse) like Rekha was missing.

Must-Try: Gosht Galawati Kabab, Lucknowi Paratha, and Raan Biryani

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