Roasted Cart Kasba Kolkata

Roasted Cart – makes Kasba feature in the street food map

Kolkata’s street food is something well known among many, and there are few street food hubs. However, the street food never had Kasba on its map. Undoubtedly Zakaria Street is one such place known as the kebab galore. Roasted Cart at Kasba is a meat lover paradise to explore their carnivorous side.

Debanshu Dey, the man behind the cart, has the vision to make grills, tandoor, and kebab to reach the commoner at an affordable price. Further, at Roasted Cart, Kasba can get a vast range of options – egg, pomfret, prawn, hilsa, chicken, mutton, raan, etc.  

Chicken Cheese Garlic Kebab

Among so many options, my favorite in a kebab is Chicken Cheese Garlic Kebab. Succulent marinated chicken kebabs grilled to perfection. Further, cheese slices are put on top of the kebab and melted with a blowtorch, served with garlic sauce and spicy chutney. Besides, a plate with six pieces will cost INR 160.

Mutton Chapli Tikia

In mutton, the item which is close to my heart is Mutton Chapli Tikia. Chapli tikia is a form of kebabs widely popular in Pakistan. Finely shredded mutton is flattened into circles and shallow-fried. Evidently, the patty has a perfectly charred exterior for an authentic look and flavor! However, the kebab is prepared with minced or grounded meat. But I like the shredded meat texture mixed with cheese and green chilis. Also, it goes perfectly with their homemade spicy chutney. Finally, per piece will cost INR 60.

Chicken Tikka Kebab

Lately, the cart has introduced white sauce prepared with curd, butter, and spices. Hence, I love to have the Chicken Tikka Kebab tossed with secret spices, sour cream, or maybe hung curd and with an overdose of melted butter. It is finger-licking good, inspired by a famous old Delhi style street food. A portion of six pieces will cost INR 130.

Before visiting the cart, remember that Debanshu is trying heart and soul at this price range to give us the value for the money. The preparation is rustic as any roadside cart. But it is to support the passion of Debanshu. He stands for hours in front of the flaming tandoor, tossing seekhs, drenched in sweat but greeting all with a smiling face.

To reach the cart follow the map below. The cart is open seven days only during evening between 6pm to 10.30pm.

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