Zam Zam – to beef up your carnivorous skills in Kolkata

Kolkata has a rich culture of food, many threads of which have always revolved around beef. In fact, only a few places in Kolkata are known for their beef preparation, and Zam Zam is one of the best in business. Beginning with, Zam Zam started in a gloomy lane in Entally, a Central Kolkata neighborhood. Currently, Zam Zam opened a glitzy new branch close to one of the city’s largest junctions at Park Circus opposite Quest Mall.


Beef Biryani

The most popular choice among non-traditional beef eaters is the Beef Biryani. The meat is super moist and succulent and laced with long grain basmati rice. The aroma of the ghee is intoxicating. Further, the potato in the biryani is one of the chunkiest and paramount in taste. Personally, it does justice to the subtle flavor characteristics of Kolkata biryani. Therefore, Zam Zam has carved a niche, offering the best beef biryani in Kolkata.

Apart from the biryani, Zam Zam possesses another niche. It serves Burhani, a spiced yogurt drink that perfectly matches a biryani that also acts as a digestive.

Mutton Biryani

Again, if you do not eat beef, then no reason to be disappointed. Mutton Biryani is equally splendid and identical in taste. Undoubtedly, the mutton pieces are humongous. However, I admit that they are a little too generous with the ghee. Yet, once in a while, this kind of indulgence is genuinely worth it.

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Beef Malai & Beef Bhuna

Additionally, in Zam Zam, there are two variants of boneless beef gravy. Beef Malai prepared with chunky boneless tender beef in a white sauce of sweetish cashew gravy with a generous topping of malai (milk cream).

Moreover, for those who want a mildly spicier beef preparation, then Beef Bhuna is for you. In my experience, it is a medium spiced curry. Evidently, it is dry due to the beef being cooked in its juice or fat, leaving a thick, fragrant gravy of caramelized onions and spices. Besides, the presence of tomato in the mix gives a slightly tangy flavor.

Mutton Pasinda

Mutton Pasinda is a gravy prepared from prime cut meat of goat or lamb. Further, the meat is shredded into thin flat slices. Moreover, it is cooked in a richly aromatic and flavourful onion-based gravy seasoned with a range of warming spices and garam masala. Of course, the creamy finish in the sauce is from almond paste.

Mutton Pasinda at Zam Zam

So what to order?

Firstly, have biryani (beef or mutton) with burhani. Secondly, have Beef Biryani with Beef Malai. Besides, Mutton Biryani with Mutton Pasinda is another option. Above all, Beef Bhuna or Mutton Pasinda with Indian Bread.


Shahi Tukra

Incidentally, here are only a couple of options for dessert. Shahi Tukra – an eternal, royal, and bread-based sweet dish.

Shahi Tukda at Zam Zam Kolkata

Deep-fried bread soaked in sugar syrup, then topped with saffron-infused thick luscious rabdi and slivered dry fruits like almond and pistachio. Therefore, it’s not too sweet and tastes delicious when served chilled.

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