Wykiki enhances the fine dining experience amidst a lush tropical ambiance

Wykiki just announced themselves in the race of open-air rooftop restaurants and bars. The latest hotspot in town aims to provide a first-of-its-kind South Asian street food experience to Kolkata. Dining area has a series of fantastically designed glass cabanas surrounded by beautiful lily ponds, enhances the fine dining experience amidst a lush tropical ambiance.

Our street food journey commenced from the bustling alleys of Thailand before moving to the historic Vietnam and detour to coastal regions of Indonesia. The bandwagon reached its penultimate when it reached at the Land of Rising Sun, Japan and parking it at the Land of Dragons, China.

To start on a healthy note, Thai Lotus Root is a perfect example. Lip-smacking delicious creation from Thailand where the lotus roots cut in thin circles and fried to perfect crispiness. Its crunchy outside and not dry inside. Drenched in sweet n tangy sauce and finished with sesame seeds on top. This vanished quickly too from our platters. Vietnamese Rice Rolls are refreshing change from the usual fried appetizers. Translucent rice paper rolls are packed with bright, fresh and crispy flavours and served with an insanely addictive dipping sauce.

Jimbaran Style Tiger Prawns from shores of Bali, is a grilled prawn dish and at Wykiki they gives it a saucier twist with scrumptious summer salsa relish. Tiger Prawn Tempura is the classic ultra-light Japanese batter is perfectly fried tiger prawns. The twist here lies with the dusting of shichimi or seven spice Japanese powder. This is relished perfectly with ponzu sauce.

Another instant hit was Beijing Express Whistling Chicken. Crunchy nuggets of chicken and served with hot smoky chilis and beans. Not sure why is this called Beijing Express, guess in express speed one will wipe off the plate. In their dim sums we were served with Gold Dusted Dark & Handsome Chicken Dim Sum. The coal black dumplings dragged everyone’s attention on table. The black colour is achieved with dehydrated beetroots and wheat starch and the dim sums were garnished with 24 carat gold dust. The chicken dumpling shall be enjoyed with chili oil.

We were served with oriental cocktails like Meemaw, Asian Daiquiri, Crystal Gin & Tonic and Good Karma. But these failed to impress us with its imbalance taste and lack correct proportion of sweetness and alcohol. Such a shame!

Bro Tip: Must try Thai Lotus Root, Tiger Prawn Tempura, Gold Dusted Dark & Handsome Chicken Dim Sum and Beijing Express Whistling Chicken

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Ambiance pictures courtesy Indiablooms and IBGNews