Progressing from Chinese to Indian cuisine

Red Bamboo Shoot (RBS) is being one of the pioneers in city when it comes to Chinese cuisine. This time they went ahead to incorporate Indian and Mughlai cuisine in their menu. PanchPhoron was invited in this occasion during launch of the Indian menu at their newest outlet opened at Patuli.

Decor is simple and minimalist with enhance on red tone, as expected from a contemporary restaurant nothing to boast about. So without further due we straight dived to check out what was in offer for us. As a warm-up we were served with piping hot oriental soups like Spicy Seafood Soup, Crab Meat Onion Soup and RBS Special Non-Veg Soup before the Indian platters were presented. Each of them was one of its kind and this again reminded us why RBS rules our heart when it comes to Chinese.

Spicy Sea Food Soup
Crab Meat Onion Soup
RBS Special Non-Veg Soup

Now we are all set to welcome the Mughlai and Indian starters and were presented with Tandoori Aloo Khazana, Murg Lasooni Kebab, Murg Chili Milli Kebab, Murg Chakori Kebab, Mahi Pepper Tikka, Gosht Adraki Panje Kebab and Gosht Reshmi Kebab.

Tandoori Aloo Khazana was perfectly boiled and marinated potatoes with stuffing and finished inside tandoor. Vegetarians out there will love it for the taste and smoky finish.

Tandoori Aloo Khazana

Murg Lasooni Kebab is a garlic marinated chicken drumsticks roasted inside tandoor. The drumsticks were delicately soft but the dosage of garlic should have been more here.

Murg Lasooni Kebab

Murg Chili Milli Kebab is boneless chicken chunks marinated in green chilly and cashew paste to generate the sweet and chili taste but the proportion of spices could have been more accurate to get that sensation.

Murg Chili Milli Kebab

Murg Chakori Kebab is succulent chicken pieces marinated with cream and cheese but again the subtle cream and sour taste was missing.

Murg Chakori Kebab

Mahi Pepper Tikka is fresh bhetki chunks marinated with yogurt and crushed whole pepper and grilled inside tandoor. The taste made justice to the dish but the tinge of pepper could have been more to my taste. However the fish marination needs to be looked at to reduce the raw smell.

Mahi Pepper Tikka

Gosht Adraki Panje Kebab is the famous mutton riblets dish infused with ginger paste was one hell of a dish. This is a perfect piece of marvel of Mughali cuisine.

Gosht Adraki Panje Kebab

Gosht Reshmi Kebab is rarely seen dishes with boneless lamb pieces marinated with yogurt and array of Indian spices. The lamb pieces where not chewy but was soft.

Gosht Reshmi Kebab

The peak of the experience was the main courses which were next in line like Murg Ala, Rajasthani Kofta, Sohani Mutton, Dal Makhani and Tandoori Roti Ki Tokri,

Murg Ala is full chicken dish with opposite taste of onion gravy and pineapple. A fusion of Hawaiian and Mughlai cuisine.

Murg Ala

Rajasthani Kofta is a dumpling of vegetables mixed with grated cottage cheese cooked in onion and cashew gravy. One of the best dishes presented to us. Vegetarians don’t let it go.

Rajasthani Kofta

Sohani Mutton is another mutton dish prepared cooked in onion, tomato and cashew gravy topped with cheese and cream.

Sohani Mutton

Dal Makhani is the replication of famous Dal Bukhra by ITC hotels. Trust me taste wise it was at par and stole my heart. Highly recommended for all.

Dal Makhni

Tandoori Roti Ki Tokri is the basket of array of Indian breads like naan, kulcha, roti and lachha paratha perfectly compliments the above dishes.

Tandoori Roti Ki Tokri

The second innings of main course compromised of Fish Tikka Butter Masala, Nizami Dum Murg and RBS Dum Pukht Mutton Biriyani.

Fish Tikka Butter Masala is fish chunks seared inside tandoor cooked in rich creamy onion, tomato and cashew gravy.

Fish Tikka Butter Masala

Nizami Dum Murg is a full chicken preparation cooked in dum served inside clay pot.

Nizami Dum Murg

RBS Dum Pukht Mutton Biriyani was the finale of the evening. Love the taste of it.

RBS Dum Pukht Mutton Biriyani

Finally in the dessert we had Firni and Tutti Fruti.

Tutti Fruti

Though they have so many options in Indian menu but the issue is all their dishes tasted the same. They either have to review their menu with distinct flavors or work out of the ingredients and proportion. Sometimes the quality matters than quantity.  Their servers should know what is there inside the kitchen or what is served on table. Red Bamboo Shoot has a huge potential but they need to smoothen the rough edges. Due to their reputation in Chinese category expectation will always be higher when new menu is launched. 

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