The science of nitrogen brings the chemistry of happiness

N2ICREAM created a lot of buzz and curiosity in recent times but also gave birth to many misconceptions. Its true that, liquid nitrogen can be hazardous to one’s health if not handled properly. Now, let’s start with the myth buster. Do you know, that the air we breath has 75% nitrogen. So it is of course safe to have. The science behind using liquid nitrogen in desserts is to help in flash freezing. The extreme low temperature of the compressed liquid nitrogen helps in instant formation of creamy ice-cream. Masterchefs are using this technique since ages.

The small dessert parlor at the Ballygunge Circular Road serves various flavors of creamy wonders. They prepare using freshest ingredients, cream whipped and battered on table top frozen with liquid nitrogen. So lets unveil mystery what is behind the smoke.

Had Romanian Choco Hazelnut, Nolen Gur Magic and Benarasi Paan.

Romanian Choco Hazelnut is chocolate flavor cream based topped with roasted almond served in crispy cone bowl. Perfect taste and so creamy. Nolen Gur Magic has the full potential to enhance the taste of palm date jaggery flavor but this grossly failed to impress. This ought to be a seasonal flavor hence expected that taste will not be up to the mark. Benarasi Paan is blast of paan flavor topped with assorted sauff makes an interesting concoction. This is was refreshing.

Romanian Choco Hazelnut
Nolen Gur Magic
Benarasi Paan

N2ICREAM lives up to the hype and price also does not create a deep hole in your wallet. We all shall try this at least for once.

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