Take a ‘Bao’ to fusionised Momo from the foothills

Momo, a famous street food from hilly regions of Darjeeling and Sikkim had arrived at our urban jungle few years now. The city dwellers found this comfort food hitting the right taste chord due its silky flour wrap around flavorsome meaty filling served with steamy clear soup. Since then the momo has seen its years of evolution from roadside food cart to cafe tables. Momo I Am revolutionized from cafe to upscale eatery journey with opening of Salt Lake Sector V outlet, sprawling across few thousands square feet area.

The first thing we ordered was Fried Pork Momo. The perfectly deep fried dumpling gives a flaky and crispy outing. The filling taste amazing with chili oil and sriracha sauce and wash it down it subtly flavor clear soup.

Fried Pork Momo

Momo I Am Crispy Chicken, are crispy fried chicken nuggets marinated with five different spices served on a bed of spicy mashed potatoes. Enjoy each bite with tinge of chili oil and spicy sauce.

Momo I Am Crispy Chicken

The revolution with momo goes to next level with Hangover Spicy Pork Momo. Tastefully done pork filling rested over bed of spicy mashed potatoes and topped with pan fried momo dough covering. There is no innovation with oriental delicacy bao but specialty of  Slow Cooked Pork Bao is its light, fluffy and airy bao melts inside your mouth with every bite. The filling of slow cooked marinated pork chunks perfectly complimented with crispy burnt garlic flakes.

Pork Short Ribs left me awestruck with right proportion of meat and fat, tossed and glazed with homemade plum sauce mix. From my pork feast, took a detour to Japanese culinary art of sushi. If you love sushi then this is your one stop shop along with other oriental delicacies. Tempura Prawn Sushi is crispy shrimp with avocado and cucumber, all wrapped up in seasoned rice. Crab and asparagus makes a great match by complimenting each other in Crab and Asparagus Sushi. Enjoy these rice rolls with soy sauce and wasabi. Watch out for that fiery sensation.

Tempura Prawn Sushi
Pork Short Ribs
Crab and Asparagus Sushi

The course comes to an end with a sweet note of classic Cheese Cake and refreshing Key Lime Pie.

Cheese Cake
Key Lime Pie

Co-owners Reevu Wangdi and Pravakar Yonzone did a commendable job with quirky artworks yet classy ambiance with amalgamation of graffiti murals, indoor greenery and huge brass Buddha. Almost close to perfect food, live music, attentive staff and relaxing atmosphere made this one of the poshest or may be the largest cafe in the city.

Bro Tip: Must try Hangover Spicy Pork Momo, Slow Cooked Pork Bao and Key Lime Pie

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