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Italian cuisines are popular in India due to the recent trend of globalization, thanks to few international brands. But the authenticity of the rustic flavors one can expect in the streets of Naples or Florence is not that common in the generic pizza joints of the city. In Kolkata, there are only a couple of pizzerias who retains the core value of Italian cuisine, and Fabbrica is one such option. 

The newly opened outlet at Salt Lake has a very classy and well -decorated ambiance. However, I still prefer the Italian village kind of ambiance from their original Allenby Road outlet. 

As per the customary sequence starting with small plates or appetizers (piccolo piatti in Italian). Burrata Bruschetta is prepared on a crispy base of sourdough bread and topped with a big chunk of burrata cheese along with marinated tomatoes and pesto. Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, enjoy this straight out of the oven. Do keep in mind sourdough bread has its characteristic sour taste. Gamberi Fritti crispy fried shrimps are breaded with panko. It was accompanied by spicy red bell pepper pesto, gives a pleasant contrast with the sweetness of the shrimp. The crush roasted red peppers form a wonderfully creamy paste that binds so beautifully with pine nuts, garlic, parmesan or romano cheese, and olive oil.

The bruschetta was originally from Tuscany was considered as a staple food for the poor with rustic vegetable toppings. They used sourdough fermented with wild yeast and lactobacilli bacteria, which makes the dough last for a longer time at average room temperature.

The pasta here follows the concept of al dante, which means it is not overdone but cooked to be firm to the bite. Rigatoni Al Pollo is prepared with penne, and minced chicken smothered in a creamy white sauce of Grana Padano “DOP” with garlic and parsley. Spaghetti Carbonara is prepared with the goodness of cheese, bacon, and egg! Spaghetti is tossed with egg yolk and loaded with grana padano “DOP” and crisp bacon.

In cheese, DOP stands for “Denominazione di Origine Protetta.” DOP guarantees that the milk of the cheese and production are on a specific location in Italy. Insures the methods of production must be traditional and have fixed storage guidelines; only a few get it.

Fabbrica specializes in baking 11 inches family size in the Neapolitan style. Pepperoni is a baked with a generous amount of Italian pork salami on tomato puree with the goodness of fior di latte (mozzarella) and with few basil leaves. Pollo Piccante pizza is baked with roast chicken, caramelized onion, and fior di latte. Taste-buds will be active with spicy, sweet, and vinegary pesto and jalapenos. Finish with crumbled feta cheese. The smoky flavor from the wood fire won’t go unnoticed.

Neapolitan originated in Naples, has a base only 4mm thick and airy crust. They are prepared with simple and fresh ingredients, no fancy toppings. Rule to eat this paper-thin pizza in a non-messy way is to press a finger down in the middle of the puffy crust and fold the pizza slices down the middle.

Pesce Al Forno is a fish preparation where bhetki (barramundi)

In mains, Pesce Al Forno is a fish preparation where bhetki (barramundi) baked with oregano, garlic, olives, capers, and cherry tomatoes. The fish is rested on a bed of herb rice and topped with white lemon, garlic sauce. Enjoy this piping hot straight from the oven. 

In desserts, Budino is a three-layered masterpiece where the caramel layer is sandwiched between dark chocolate and white coffee chocolate. The only way to enjoy this is to fit in all the layers into a single spoon. Panna Cotta means “cooked cream”, a mixture of thick cream and vanilla bean. Gelatin is added to set the mixture to create consistency. The final product is creamy and silky smooth served with mildly acidic berry compote. La Dolce Vita!


After such a heavy meal the I keep on craving for aromatic Espresso. Thankfully they serve 100% arabica beans. The aroma of coffee brewed by forcing steam or hot water through finely-ground darkly roasted coffee beans is intoxicating. However, this was not a perfect espresso as there was no crema on the top. Crema is that tan-colored foam that rests on top of a freshly pulled shot of espresso.

Bro Tip: Must try Gamberi Fritti, Spaghetti Carbonara, Pepperoni Pizza and Budino

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