Enroute to the Downing Street

British ruled India for 200 years but before leaving India they left for us the elegance in their culture and our fascination to English style pub life. 10 Downing Street pub is one of the fastest growing chain of pubs across the country with over a dozen location across India. The outlet at Kolkata being the largest one the in chain sprawling over 10,000 square feet. Typical wood and leather decorated English-style pub with hanging chandeliers has fully loaded bar.


Once you enter the pub the center of attraction will be its mammoth island bar made of brass. Lots of revolving chair surrounding the bar those who want to watch the actions closely. For the comfort sink in luxury comfortable leather sofa for a long night ahead of you.

Also have a library section during day time which coverts to dance floor once sun goes down. Oh! there is veranda inside the pub. This elevated space is reserved for live performances and music bands.

Every time with my visit I appreciate the commendable efforts been put to design this place. The entire place has been detailed and very well balanced with frames and antiques and the colors and the lights, everything is awesome.

Being on the frequent visitor here to enjoy their Spicy Grilled Chicken Lasagne and authentic Shepard’s Pie along with my favorite chilled Belgian witbier topped with orange slice. The pie served is an original English style one can get in the city. And ofcourse my lady is in love with the bar man’s Pub Special mocktail.

Spicy Grilled Chicken Lasagne
Shepard’s Pie


Pub Special Mocktail

Service is very smooth, attentive and they know and remember preferences of frequent visitors for that attentive and personalized service. Great food and sumptuous music make this a perfect pace to chill out. I wish there could be bit more variations in the music been played here.