City of Joy gets a touch of Chicago with legendary deep dish pizza

Uno Chicago Bar & Grill brings to the City of Joy a touch of Chicago with their legendary deep dish pizza. Was a great experience to be invited by Gourmet Passport to learn the art of making Deep Dish Pizza by Executive Chef Shireesh Singh and having hands-on to bake our own pizza. Aside this, the perfect opportunity to relish some culinary masterpieces of Uno’s.

We started  with Chicken Muchos Nachos in appetizers. These nachos are not like regular packet nachos overloaded with salsa and cheese. These are oven-baked and cheesy, yellow and blue corn chips come topped with minced chicken, Mexican bean chili, fresh salsa and sour cream. A perfect finger food with chilled beer! Classic Onion Rings, another comfort food as an appetizer. Perfect ring and sized red onion covered with panko crust to give it a super crispy coating. Must enjoy this piping hot out of fryer.

Chipotle Chicken Skewers makes you go gaga over perfectly grilled chicken filler marinated in chipotle. Served on sauteed vegetables and with mint sauce. The smoky flavour of the succulent meat bought smile on my face. For seafood lovers, there is  Fiery Crispy Calamari. Panko crusted calamari tossed in olive oil and spiked with red chili peppers and black olive. Must squeeze the lemon on top of it and enjoy with spicy marinara dip. Another must try with beer buddies.

Next in the line was much talked UNO’s signature Chicago-style deep dish pizzas. There were Chicago Meat Market and Fajita Fire on table and for vegetarians we were served Farmer’s Market. The recipe of this 1943 invention is no longer secret as these are readily available online. We had an opportunity to bake our own pizza following the recipe. This is not a thick crusted pizza and more like a pie. Its filled with generous amount of meat and vegetables with layers of cheese. Might upset the thin crust lovers but this one is so filling. Chicken Spinoccoli Pasta, which is another original recipe by UNO. Chunky chicken roulade rested on a bed of penne in pesto alfredo and chunky tomato sauce. Chicken is stuffed with mozzarella, feta, broccoli, garlic, basil, tomatoes, and spinach. One common issue with both these propriety dishes which I realized from my multiple visits is its inconsistent quality and lack moisture in food but my last visit had the best experience.

In entree there was Crusted Chicken Parmesan, a full course chicken picatta meal topped with molten mozzarella and served with roasted vegetables and rice pilaf. Mushroom Stroganoff got mushrooms cooked in a rich, creamy paprika sauce flambéed with brandy and topped with sour cream and gherkins. Served with basil rice and sautee broccoli. These are great dishes to amp up any regular dinner/lunch into a fancy one.

Finally, in desserts there is Awesome Insanely Large Chocolate Cake. This 7 layered chocolate fudge dessert is so large and huge, do not even think to complete this all by yourself. Some numbers for health conscious – each slice got 1740 calories, 32 gms of saturated fat, 770 mgs of sodium and 168 gms for added sugar. This is 3 times of daily recommend sugar limit. Best enjoyed if shared with friends and family. We ended with Deep Dish Apple Pie, which had filling of apple, cranberry and cinnamon filled inside deep dish crust. Finished with scoop of vanilla ice cream and dash of cinnamon powder.

Bro Tip: Must try Chicken Muchos Nachos, Chicken Spinoccoli Pasta, Chicago Meat Market Deep Dish Pizza and Awesome Insanely Large Chocolate Cake

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