Love for mughlai cuisine, jus’ a flick away of a finger!

In the era of cloud and digitization, why to own a full scale restaurant when the steamy sumptuous food can be served on your cozy dining table with a flick of an app. Keeping this concept in mind a group of young entrepreneurs created The Great Biryani Co. brings our eternal favorite Mughlai cuisine through their first delivery takeaway counter in the city.

The Great Biryani Co. visited the office of PanchPhoron to enable few blogger heads to sample their Mughali cuisine and the heart-throb of the Bongs “dum biryani”. But they wanted to do things differently than others and presented to us their latest creation milkshakes like Strawberry Cheesecake, Adams Green Apple, Chocolate Hazelnut and Kesar Badam. These liquid wonders are served with pet glass bottles. The texture of the milkshakes is watery to my preference. Its not thick and heavy as I prefer. Strawberry Cheesecake has flavors of cheesecake missing. Chocolate Hazelnut and Kesar Badam has no traces of nuts or any residue to feel the crunch. But Adams Green Apple stood out for the crowd with an interesting concoction of apple and mint. Those who will love this blend will go straight bottoms up.

SEN_9519 copy
(L-R) Chocolate Hazelnut, Kesar Badam, Strawberry Cheesecake, Adams Green Apple
(L-R) Kesar Badam, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Hazelnut, Adams Green Apple

Moving our focus to mainstream, we started with couple of tandoor wonders Mutton Boti Kebab and Chicken Tangri Kulfi Kebab. Mutton Boti Kebab was full of flavor but not boneless as claimed. Mutton chunks were soft but fibrous in cases. Chicken Tangri Kulfi Kebab was sealed inside aluminium foils and oozed goodness of malai and cheese. Whatever goes in the recipe of kulfi, all are used to prepared this sinful dish. Wow! what a dish, a great innovation. Felt addicted to it from the first sight.

Mutton Boti Kebab
Chicken Tangri Kulfi Kebab

In the next course, its time to play around with the aromatic curries and we had aromatic Mutton Rogan Josh, flavorful Chicken Lababdar, scintillating Chicken Chaap, spicy Gosht Bhunke and lastly innovative Chicken Patiala. Mutton Rogan Josh has mutton ribs in gravy and with each bite the one can feel the stinginess of whole black pepper. Chicken Lababdar was far away from what it should taste but it was more tasted like jalfrezi. Chicken Chaap a simple yet a brilliantly prepared dish, was thick gravy but no oily. Gosht Bhunke has boneless mutton cubes in sweet, spicy and tangy gravy makes this a complex yet interesting creation for the gastronomists. Chicken Patiala was another wonder of the evening where it is stuffed with minced chicken inside egg omelette envelope. This dish one can gobble till the plate is clean.

Mutton Rogan Josh
Chicken Chaap
Chicken Lababdar
Gosht Bhunke
Chicken Patiala

The restaurant surely knows how to play around with rice grains in various dishes like khichdi or their biryanis. The Chicken Biryani and the Mutton Biryani are prepared in the authentic way of low flame cooking inside copper handi. Biryani was exotic in taste while keeping a watch on the calorie meter. One of the best biryanis in offer at the city. The surprise package of the day was the Keema Khichdi. The uniqueness of the dish was the comforting taste like home made food with infusion of chicken keema.

Keema Khichdi
Chicken Awadhi Biryani
Mutton Biryani

The Great Biryani Co. took an oath to themselves to bring in quality dish at an affordable price but also keeping a tab on our health by ensuring none of the dishes are greasy and at the same time doesn’t compromise on taste. They are delivering at Salt Lake, Kesthopur, Rajarhat and New Town areas till early morning 3am. Watch out for the late night cravings.

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