Kolkata’s first bespoke coffee roastery

There is a nip in the air and Christmas just couple of weeks away. From the same house who gave us Piccadilly Square and The Chutney Co. their third installment for us is Drumroll. The first bespoke coffee roastery in the city is all set to brew its love and warmth over a cup of goodness. Coffee is sourced directly from the estates that grow coffee ethically using eco-friendly farming techniques. One can witness how specialty green coffee beans are roasted light, medium or dark through interactive workshops. We can pre-order our roasted beans preference and it will be roasted just for you at their micro-roastery.

On its launch they introduced vast range of coffee beverages and Christmas special menu to complement our cuppa. Couple of uniqueness, the Christmas Cold Brew is spiked with spices and cinnamon to create the winter warmth while the affogato is served inside edible cone to drink your cuppa and eat it too.

Word of caution, Gluten-free Christmas Cake and luscious ruby red cherry tomato bruschetta are unputdownable.

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