Lock away digital addiction, show-off human connection

Breaking away from cliche uber cool and ultra modern watering hole, Barf Soda Paani is a casual neighborhood bar in mid of the corporate hub at Park Street. Their concept of having soda and water on tap at your table with bucket full of ice has gone long way already. They recently have started focusing on digital addiction epidemic where people spends hours and hours over their LED gadget screens and losing the human connection. They have come up with the unique digital detox concept – BSP aur Baatein. Lock away your phone inside a small aluminium box placed on your table with 30 minutes timer and unlock the conversation with your company and friends. Challenge is, if you can survive to stay from the cellphone addiction for 30 minutes then treat yourself with free kamikaze shots.

But can you engage into real conversation without good food? So we ordered few small bites to keep ourselves glued to adda. In appetizers there was Jhoomta Mutton Seekh Kebab. The minced mutton wrapped around skewers and finished with dark rum inside clay oven. Nice and spicy, makes you tipsy. Is that a rhyme? Jalapeno Malai Tikka is nothing but chicken tikka kebab, not able to trace any jalapeno in the preparation. But as a chicken tikka preparation it makes a decent job.

As we moved towards the main course, stumbled upon the Dhaba Chicken Curry. The traditional butter chicken served as a combo with garlic naan with salad and papad makes a complete dish. Oh! by the way, that salad was spicy, sweet and tangy – a complete killer. Finally, the showstopper on the table was Schezwan Khichdi. I cannot call it khichdi looking at the variety of rice grain and absence of daal. But the rice mixed with fiery hot schezwan sauce and served on a hot sizzling skillet will a guarantee a second look on its way from kitchen to table. Make your taste buds relax with your chilled poison. We did with our freebie, complimentary kamikaze shots after 30 minutes of detoxification.

How about some cubes of barf with dash of soda with few drops of water..cling!

BSP Aur Baatein (Lock Your Phone to unlock your conversation) – Happening from 1st Nov till 30th Nov 2019.

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