Authentic Dhakai Bhoj

During this age of fusion and remix, it needs heart to remind us what is authenticity. With such noble cause The Bhoj Company introduces to us the authentic Dhakai cuisine for the generation who only heard of it. Ordered some of the delicacies always craved to try.

To start with Bong’s all-time classic fish fry. Not just any fish fry but Bhetki Fish Fry. Probably this dish has entered in Bong’s kitchen from the time of British colonization from famous English Batter Fry or Fish and Chips. The twist in Bhetki Fish Fry is the succulent fish fillet is coated with battered egg and bread crumbs for that perfect crispiness. Bit disappointed with the thin fillet of bhetki in place of thick, juicy and silvery white fish flesh.

Bhetki Fish Fry

Once upon a time, in Dhaka or Kolkata every house had Gondhoraj Lebu (Kaffir Lime) tree in their backyard. The fragrance of the lime category gives zest and freshness to all Dhakai cuisine. This twist was taste was tried with Gondhoraj Chicken Fry. Julienne of chicken breasts deep fried in with egg and cornflour batter and finished with juice of Gondhoraj. What a masterpiece and so drooling. Loved the flavour of the mild pepper, with a hint of Gondhoraj.

Gondhoraj Chicken Fry

In main course, steamed rice is must and with this mutton and prawn dish makes a deadly combination. Without further due he dived into Kochu Pata Chingri Bhapa or steamed prawns in colocasia leaves. It is a traditional Bengali recipe and very popular in Bengal and Bangladesh. It is one of the best recipe of prawns from this region. Fresh catch prawns are cooked with young colocasia leaves, coconut and mustard paste. Flavor of Mustard oil is very dominant in this dish gives that pungent kick. In a nutshell, a dish not for the faint hearted. I just enjoyed a lot of it with steamed rice.

Kochu Pata Chingri Bhapa

Without mutton, the feast will be incomplete and nothing better than Mutton Dak Bungalow, is another near forgotten recipe from the British Colonial recipes. Back in the day, dak bungalows used to be pretty basic houses with bare minimum supplies, usually taken care of by a khansamah (house-steward) who also cooked meals for the travelers. Egg and potato are the integral part of this delicacy. Mutton is slow cooked with freshly ground spices making them a delectable. The specialty of the dish is the scrambled egg mixed with the curry to give a creamy texture.

Mutton Dak Bungalow

Such comfort food is rarely cooked in household now-a-days. What a feast we have experienced to made our day more special. The food came in air tight packaging, so nothing dripped and served hot at the door step.

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