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The legendary canteen of Calcutta South India Club now houses Hyderabad’s well-known Roastery Coffee House. Soak the atmosphere while seating at the outdoor section gives you a vintage touch. The black and white checked floor, white wrought iron chairs and white marble table top takes you many eras back.

Cold Brew Cascara

First time I got a chance to try cascara coffee which is the dried skins of the coffee cherries. These sun dried husks brewed in cold water for 24 hours to prepare Cold Brew Cascara. This got a a sweet and fruity taste much milder for a black coffee lover like me. This drink goes perfectly well with Peri Peri Chicken Wings to wash down that fiery taste of the sauce. On my! what a perfectly tasted wings, I kept of licking my finger.

Nutella Blend Cold Coffee

This sultry weather demands some vanilla ice cream and blend this with double shot espresso with touch of nutella spread and voila! you have Nutella Blend Cold Coffee. For the smoothest and creamiest ice blend coffee no one does it better than Roastery Coffee House. Enjoy this with Cheesy French Fries. The crinkle cut potato fingers gets a twist of layer of cocktail sauce and cheese.

Cranberry & Coffee

Once I start enjoying coffee I do not stop with one or two, its like the beer you chug down over a good discussion. Next in the line was the shot of espresso but served cold and gets a concoction with cranberry juice. The finish product gets a layered drink of cranberry juice at the bottom and smooth creamy finish at the top and sandwich between is the cold espresso. Here we present to you Cranberry & Coffee. I enjoyed this refreshing drink so much with Mutton Lasagna. The mutton keema perfectly baked with Italian herbs and tomatoes and topped with melted grated cheese, arranged neatly between layers of lasagna sheets.

Nitro Cold Brew

I kept the most interesting for the last. The nitrogen molecular wizardry with coffee was first time introduced to me was by Starbucks. With the first sip of it I vowed not to try it ever. Legend says if one is a beer over then must try the Nitro Cold Brew. But then why I did not enjoy it first time? Because it missed the silky texture of the nitrogenated coffee. But at the Roastery Coffee House when the first sip of nitro foam hit my taste buds I realized how wrong I was. For Nitro Cold Brew nowhere is better than here. I paired this up with Baked Stuffed Chicken. Chicken breast infused with olive oil, basil and garlic was stuffed with succulent prawn and gooey cheese. Ah, heaven!

The owner of the place, Nishant Sinha not only loves coffee but curated a detailed menu dedicated entirely to coffee! If you are a coffee fanatic then this is the best place in town for you. Food in the menu is equally interesting to accompany the caffeine beverages. 

Bro Tip: Must try Cranberry & Coffee, Mutton Lasagna, Nutella Blend Cold Coffee and Peri Peri Chicken Wings

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