Dig Into Great Food Amidst Cool Mountain Breeze

Kalimpong, one of the busiest tourists hub in North Bengal has lately came up some cute and cozy cafes and eateries which generally serve as the melting pot for the youngsters and folks of all ages. As a tourist these cafes are great options to enjoy local flavors too.

Cafe Kalimpong

Cafe Kalimpong is one of the new cafes came up in the Kalimpong city recently. The cafe offers an amazing view of Kalimpong main town. Located at about 10 minutes walk from main town on the way to Durpin monastery.

Pizza is a thick crusted, topped with enough cheese but the main ingredient was the locally produced sausage. The burger had a huge crispy fried chicken fillet and topped with sunny side up poached egg. This has accompaniments of chicken wings and chips.

Red Velvet Cake was a indeed a pleasure to taste. The sweetness is rightly balanced and moist enough. The cake was enjoyed with creamy and mild bitter hot chocolate. And lastly the cappuccino which was not as strong as I prefer, this could be an improvement suggestion from my end. Pocket Pinch: INR 500 for 2.

Art Cafe

One of coolest places in Kalimpong is the lovely Art Cafe. The cafe is known for its cute terrace that offers splendid views of the valley.

They well known for their thin crust pizzas and creamy pastas. However the pizza was not too cheesy to my preference.

Best time to enjoy is during sunset. Enjoy the natures beauty while sipping a steaming cup of hot chocolate and delectable pastries while soaking the beautiful views. Pocket Pinch: INR 600 for 2.


If you are in Kalimpong and have not been to Gompu’s Hotel then were you really in Kalimpong. After a tiring day, for evening snacks what can be better than some pork and chicken momos at Gompus.

Gompus does not believe in the theory of thin moist skinned momo rather here for the Pork Momo the skin is thick and fluffy by using yeast, sort of mini Baos.

But filling inside the momo had right portion of minced meat, fat and minimal spices. However, the Chicken Momo had thinner skin. My suggestion is to have steamed Pork Momo rather than the fried variant as it makes the skin tougher. If you love fried momo then go for the chicken variant. Pocket Pinch: INR 350 for 2.

Za Khang

My culinary journey would have been incomplete it not been through the Bhutanese cuisine at Za Khang was the most memorable one. Za Khang may be the only restaurant in India serving authentic Bhutanese cuisine.

Juma is Bhutanese sausage that is made with minced beef, light amount of spices and rice. It is one of the favourite delicacies among the Bhutanese recipes. On your first bite, you can feel the taste of the sichuan pepper which will send a zing sensation all through your body. Sikam Paa is dried pork belly with right mix of fat and red chili. The pork belly are smoked and sun-dried till its perfectly crisp. Before serving the pork gets sauteed with dried red chilies.

Ema Datshi is a deliciously thick spicy stew made with variety of chili peppers and locally produced yak cheese. Jasha Tshoem is a spicy Bhutanese white curry prepared with chicken and spiked up with ginger, garlic, onions and chili pepper. Red Rice is staple Bhutanese cuisine, enriched with essential minerals and dietary fiber compared to white rice. Enjoy red rice with chili cheese and spicy curry. Pocket Pinch: INR 400 for 2.

Aside this Za Khang at Kalimpong on the best places for breakfast. One of the rare eateries opens very early at 8 am. While in the mountain then breakfast has to be like locals. Our breakfast had Balep, a Tibetan bread is crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Enjoy this with dry spicy diced potato sides (aloo dum). Without onion-garlic potato pickle, the platter would be incomplete. Wash it down with steamy Suja (butter tea). The butter tea is a staple drink of the people in the Himalayan countries prepared with salt and cow or yak butter. I must conclude that the Himalayan breakfast is so cosy, warm, and comforting while enjoying the panoramic view of the valley from Za Khang’s rooftop. Pocket Pinch: INR 150 per combo.