A legend on its own, Sanjha Chulha

Sanjha Chulha has a deep connection with me since my academic days. While travelling to college through EM Bypass the smell of kababs was the traffic stopper in the area. When the establishment started in the year 2002, then this was the only dhaba style eating on the outskirts of the city and was a regular highway stopover. During my stay in the southern part of Kolkata in our family, any smallest celebration had the presence of rolls and kebabs from the kitchen of Sanjha Chulha. 

Jugalbandi Seekh is one of the best kebabs in the house prepared with minced mutton and a good mix of warm spices. Wrap around with chicken onto skewers to form a roulade and grilled to perfection inside tandoor. Finished with finely chopped coriander leaves. I have a special soft corner for the rolls availableĀ here. My pick is Double Chicken Egg Roll where the parathas are semi cooked then again an egg is cracked on top of the paratha. The egg is fried on the paratha to stick on to it, then filled with stir-fried chicken with various chutney, spices with other condiments like cucumber, onion, etc. EvenĀ Chicken Tikka Roll has a delicious melange of chicken tikka and spices rolled together and served with sauces. The smoky flavour of the tikka makes it stand apart.

In starters, I always love to order the fiery Chicken 65. This is a spicy, lip-smacking South Indian style boneless chicken deep-fried for crunchiness then seasoned with aromatic spices, sauces, slit open green chillies and curry leaves. Statutory warning, the dish that can set your mouth on fire and make your heart beat faster but it’s a perfect buddy with my favorite chilled wheat beer.

The dish was first introduced at Buhari Restaurant in Chennai. There are strange stories associated with the origin of its name but the most logically accepted reason is that this preparation was introduced in 1965.

They also prepare Mutton Haleem only during the Ramzan months. The slow cooked meat with mix of lentils and broken wheat (daliya) gives it a soup-like consistency. I love this with a dash of lime juice on the top and have a habit to polish this off in a jiffy.

In days when Sanjha Chulha was introduced to the connoisseurs of Kolkata, there was no delivery aggregator concept but the reliable delivery fleet of the restaurant itself was one of the best. Still today when I need to order Mr. Asif Ahmed, the co-owner of Sanjha Chulha restaurant chain always ensures the order reaches promptly to the destination by leveraging his own fleet of delivery boys.

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