Dive-in to ride the new wave at The Fatty Bao

The Fatty Bao got an upgrade for its patrons to cheer-up post nationwide lock-down blues. The menu now boasts 20 new cocktails and 51 new dishes. The ambiance bathing in natural light through its glass wall, offers the most incredible view of the City of Joy. Post sundown this transforms into a romantic getaway with the Japanese-style lanterns that add a dim glow to the entire restaurant.

The new menu features an extensive selection of interesting new small plates for vegetarians and non-vegetarians that pair perfectly with your cocktails. Crumb-fried Goat Cheese, are crispy golden coins stuffed with soft goat cheese and vegetables inside light crumb coat. The key of this dish is the aromatic sauce with blend of curry leaves, chilli oil and coriander leaves. Would love to pair it with their twisted cocktails like Kiwi Martini or Chilli & Basil Cosmopolitan.

Huanese Eggplant, a beauty of a dish where fried eggplant is tossed with spicy chilli garlic sauce and finished with fried garlic and freshly chopped scallion and coriander leaves. Wash it down with their creative gin & tonics like Kumquat & Friends (homemade kumquat and basil shrub with gin and tonic) or be it Mr Muddle (fresh grapefruit mixed with thyme, gin and tonic). A perfect poison to beat the heat wave.

If you are a seafood lover then Crispy Chilli Fish is the pick for you. Cornflour batter fried soft basa fish cubes boasts of crispiness of assorted peppers, diced onions, chilli and fried garlic tossed with tangy rice wine vinegar and soy sauce. A popular finger food with cocktails, surprised that this was not part of the menu till now!

I always found the spirit measure of the cocktail in the Olive Group brands is comparatively more than any where else, makes it a potent one.

Grills and barbecues will leave you spoiled for choices with so many new additions. Javanese Tofu, a grilled preparation of tofu wrapped inside banana leaf. Tofu being bland in nature will make you think twice to try but the steam-cook sealed inside leaf with paste made from mushroom, cherry tomatoes, basil and lemongrass makes it flavour-bomb!. Chairman Mao’s Grilled Pork, luscious smoky flavor of slow barbecued pork belly dripping with finger lickin’ juiciness from the prefect meat-to-fat ratio. Accurately diced pork belly cubes marinated in spices like rock sugar, star anise and cinnamon tossed with soy sauce. Glazed with fiery chilli sauce resulted in juicy, flavorful meat with crispy grilled edges.

For pork, the thumb rule for meat-to-fat ratio is 70% lean to 30% fat (or 70/30) for that great flavour and juiciness.

In Chef’s Special, Chicken Rice must not miss your attention. Based on Singapore’s national dish Hainanese chicken rice, came with perfectly poached chicken on a bed of rice and accompanied with greens. Served with ginger broth to amp up the flavour of this wholesome dish.

The dessert section is equally fabulous, finished off the meal with Japanese dessert Rain Drop Cake. The cake is similar to an over-sized, clear raindrop stuffed with fresh kiwis and strawberries and is served with pistachio crumble, micro beet and honey soy sauce. Looks wise may be insta-worthy but did not leave an impression to me for its taste.

Bro Tip: Must try Crumb-fried Goat Cheese, Crispy Chilli Fish, Chairman’s Mao Grilled Pork and Chicken Rice

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