Enter the labyrinth of food heaven, Zakaria Street

During summer as the mercury rises, the iftar market in Zakaria Street comes alive with those observing fast in the holy month of Ramzan. Aside this, its a melting pot of the city during this time of year which is not limited to only food bloggers and photography enthusiasts of the city like me. Do keep in mind this labyrinth of alleys got delicacies prepared live round the corner, it is impossible to get a feeling of all must-tries in a day.

As we start from Phears Lane, the first shop we encounter was the legendary and one of the oldest shops in vicinity, Adam’s Kebab Shop. They specializes in Suta Kabab and Boti Kabab. Suta Kabab is prepared with beef meat paste of meat and spices around iron skewers and then tied with a cotton thread or suta. Or else the meat will off while being barbecued on flat laid charcoal bed. This is the softest, juiciest kebabs you can possibly have.


Going couple of steps ahead towards Colootala crossing there is a new age shop Al Baik, prepares mind-boggling Chicken Special Kabab and Chicken Malai Kabab. Both are similar preparation where the special kabab is grilled with skewers on flat bed charcoal while malai kabab is a tikka cube version roasted inside tandoor. Both oozes goodness of malai with each bite just melts inside mouth. There is not much rush about this place as they are yet to get its legendary status.


Taking further steps ahead through a narrowest lane at the end of the tunnel is waiting for us Dilshad Laziz Kabab with cheapest and popular Malai Kabab and Dahi Kabab. Dilshad bhai is one of the customer friendly persons in the area with a modesty at ground level, always smiling and try to answer all our questions. While he prepares live beef delicacies  in front of us, we witnessed how whitish cream colour marinated meat turns to golden brown through searing on fire charcoal bed.


Behold, now its time we set our foot towards the corridor of famous Khau Galli and guess what the most popular and crowd puller Taskeen is waiting to welcome us with Murgh Changezi. Chicken breast or leg portion marinated in 50 plus spices before double fried in boiling oil and copped in pieces before serving. With every delightful bite of this crispy fried chicken you will realize its exquisite taste and why this fuss and crowd all about. Do you know they are the trademark holder of this dish? Chicken measured in weight and around 200 grams should be enough for a single person. Keep space for thick, creamy Falooda and Lassi. These are must to wash down the spice and keep your energy quotient high in this sultry weather.

Word of caution, the place is not for hygiene freak or fine diners, the visuals take you back in time how we use to cook in a rustic way. However you can enjoy with your family and friends round-the-clock as this is one of the safest place in the city.

Bro Tip: Best time to visit is during ramzan months 3pm to 5pm for the photographers and those who only wants to soak the atmosphere be there after 7pm. No time bar for the foodies. Do note that the permanent shops are operating all round the year.

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  1. Sourav Banik says:

    This is a great piece! Lovely to read and the visuals are just outstanding!


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